My B&S mods – with the exception of Acid Spell and Force Physics have been updated to U11. You can find the downloads in the Mods section.

Dungeon Configurator in particular had a lot of fixes and a few new features added, namely:

  • Reworked the spawning logic so enemies no longer spawn on top of each other and the game doesn’t freeze when the level is loaded.
  • Added an apply button
  • Container merging. You can now select multiple containers which will be merged together.
  • Wave editor feature improved a lot and there is a new Duel wave

Non-Snapping limbs fixed the issue with enemies getting stuck trying to pick their weapons back up.

Force Physics became redundant since the physics culling got a lot better.

Acid Spell, I will rework in the future to work differently. This spell was intended as a way to deal with Undying enemies but the enemies themselves still need work. This mod will be released in the future in some other form.